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With questions and answers culled from almost two decades of advice columns, Sucka Free Love tackles tough subjects of Generation X and Baby Boomers getting back into the dating game after divorce or breakup. Cooper handles the toughest subjects with amazing insight, delivering her message with a touch of humor and sometimes a swift kick in the pants. After providing dating advice for 10 years, I decided to put together a collection of some of the most interesting, funny or just plain crazy letters I'd received during that time.Subjects such as interracial dating and relationships and their inherent problems, the pros and cons of marriage, how to screen dates and pick Mr./Ms. Organized by issue, the letters are presented under witty titles such as "I Hate Myself, But I Love You," and "Drama Here, Drama There, Stupid Drama Everywhere!In 27 years with SDPD she has spent 20 years as a detective with assignments in Vice, Sex Crime and currently Homicide,…Ashley Shreve, an award-winning dating coach, joins the Awkward Duo to give listeners advice on how to pick up women, and how to spice up their romantic interactions.Get to know these verses, treat others well today, and pray that the Lord will guide you when you begin to date. 2 Timothy 1 Corinthians 1 Thessalonians 4:3–5 2 Corinthians –15 If you dated at a young age (fourteen to eighteen), would you tell your future daughter to do the same thing? He instead embarked on a peril-filled journey through the dating world, and came out with a method that gave him lots of confidence, success with women, and a wonderful girlfriend.

And…he’s offering a contest to anyone who can successfully pick up a woman at SD Comic-Con using his advice." This book provides readers with both rich insight into the modern dating scene, the mistakes others have made in mate selection, as well as LOTS of laughs.


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